Dekkaan Enterprises

Website updated on 1 August 2017 

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We are a company established in Rotterdam, the largest port of Europe, and the most important distribution hub of the European Union. 


The core business of Dekkaan Enterprises is primarily in three sectors:

Real Estate: project development and investment

International Trade: import & export, dealerships, agencies, brokerage.

Equity Participation in choice businesses.

Real Estate

In our Real Estate business, we concentrate on 3 sectors.

1)  We invest in luxury and ultra luxury residential homes and other unique buildings with potential for further value addition in certain regions of the world. Europe, USA, Central America and some Asian countries are our current focus of attention.

2) We invest in un-built and under-built landed properties in urban, suburban and resort areas which have potential for value addition through optimal development. Europe and some Asian countries are our focus of attention.

3) We develop projects for high-end residential townships and commercial buildings in urban and suburban areas in chosen countries. Having started in Central America, we are now focusing on some Asian countries to develop new projects.

International Trade

We import and export selected products, which include commodoties like pepper and other spices, works of art, handicrafs, gift items, gadgets, small electronic items, etc.

In addition to direct import and export, we also act as distributor or local agent in the EU for some foreign manufacturers and exporters.

In addition, we also act as the sourcing and procurement agent in the EU for some foreign companies and traders who import the goods to their respective countries. 

We also act as international brokers in forging sale-purchase deals for various kinds of products.

In this brach of business, we operate globally, with EU and India as our main bases.

Equity participation

We do equity participation in young and prospering companies in promising sectors, but only on the basis of obtaining and holding a controlling majority in the management and operation of the company, though not necessarily holding a majority stake in the stock of the participating company. The participating companies also benefit greatly by leveraging our global pool of expertise. 

Our ultimate goal in any equity participation is full acqusition of the company sooner or later, and where that is not possible or desired, full divestment within a period of 3-6 years.


If you think that any of our above activities can possibly lead to a mutually beneficial cooperation between you and our company, you are invited to take up contact with us to explore the possibilities.